The World of James W.Brine

JW Brine was born in 1984.
It was born in Carrara, in a marble sculpture studio. Now it is a place to make clothes. Trousers.
Here there are lights that inspire more. The choice of materials and colors becomes easier.
This is a place that changes his face every day: every day you perceive the smell and the freshness coming from the marble quarries, from the mountains and from the sea. Also our fabrics, white and neutral, natural and ordered seems the background of a firm idea who lives in this place.
When you see our collections you will always think about where they come from and where they were created.
But in the end we always walked around. Around the world. And we always were looking for something. Looking in Perù for that wool that become our linings, in barracks for those uniforms that inspire our leaders and for military blankets that become their interiors; in the factories of the world we looked for the canvases of our trousers and in the shipyards for the sails of old boats that become cottons of our bags and our parkas.
Back in Carrara we looked for those inks which carved marble and now stamp our clothes.
Respect. For our places. For the places we visit. For people.
This is our philosophy. This moves our choices.
This is what you will find in our clothes.