Our Story

JWBrine is a handcrafted brand from Tuscany that has been creating authentic, high quality and effortless clothing for over 35 years.  The company head quarters is Nestled at the foothills of the famed marble mountains of Carrara, working on creations that are 100% made in Italy which reflects its true quality construction, beginning with original Italian fabrics by the hands of our master craftsmen.

J.W. Brine has been pouring passion and talent into the craft of trouser making for over three decades.
Today, J.W. Brine is owned by Bastille s.r.l.  A Milan based company, its chairman Carmelo Pistone brings his long success record in the luxury clothing and accessories sectors to the brand.
Along with the original creative force behind J.W.Brine, the pair continues the goal for excellence by keeping to their philosophy of authentic Italian quality and production.

The concept of JW Brine came about during one of Giacomo’s frequent globetrotting trips.
Seeking inspiration, he was rummaging through a vintage shop when he stumbled upon a pair of American military uniform pants with a soldier’s name stitched in to the waistband.  The name was James W. Brine.
And the brand was born.

At a time when mediocrity will no longer be accepted, JWBrine has spent decades perfecting the most elusive category in fashion: the “perfect fitting pant.”  Using skills that take a lifetime to achieve JWBrine offers smart design, great quality, special fabrics, lush comfort and timeless value.

Since its inception, JWBrine has worked tirelessly to perfect the fit in its wares.  Through creative passion, the brand continues to show unfailing growth and interest from the most sought after retailers around the world.  The likes of Eral 55, Space, Desii,  Mitchells Group, Ron Herman , Bird, Fred Segal, Mac, Isetan, Beams, Mitsukoshi, Est Nation, United Arrows, Samsung Fashion.

JWBrine continues its quest to be the go to brand for its customers and our customers respond by their loyalty to the brand season after season.