JWBrine Collections

At the beginning, there was a marble workshop, but the people weren’t all that hard !
They made statues and had certainly experienced the enchantment of the harmonic development of a kiss and tried the best synchronies for a new outlook of sentiments, without ever renouncing that air of challenge towards the concept of the force of gravity.
Thus, those people were attracted towards the fascination of permanent and lasting things.
Those things that weather the storm and know how to turn back when wrong.
Perhaps some gesture, some recollection of that place has remained within each of us.
Hard stuff this time.
True stuff.

Like the stories of yet other people.
Men who pass their lives searching for something important and not just a dream.
A style, a strong idea.
So we now makes clothes.
We attempt to make stories with inspired garments.
Sign of war heroes, but also of normal people.
Children never born. Past loves.
All things that remain hanging in unsuspecting jackets and within straight pants.
Vertical, like the sharp cuts of that mountain that accompanies us each day without stealing light.
Perhaps this is why ours are sincere “things”.

We move calmly forwards with our sincere friends.